Chronic Neck

'If the way you sorted my chronic neck problem out is anything to go by, PhysioGo will do really well.'

M Pinckard

Great Guy

'Dave... Great guy, even better physio!'

B Carey

Support and encouragement was immeasurable

'My consultant was particularly impressed with how quickly Dave had identified the condition as being myositis ossificans and said this early diagnosis would contribute to my recovery. Throughout the period of my recovery, Dave's support and encouragement was immeasurable and his initial assessment of the injury, management and rehabilitation was first class. I offer this as testament to Dave's work and would like to record my thanks.'

N Evans

London Marathon

'Helped me get through the London Marathon- probably the modern Jesus!'

Nick Fielding

Professionalism, dedication and encouragement

'To Dave, thanks for all the professionalism, dedication and encouragement you have given me to help me through my rehabilitation from my ACL reconstruction. It has been a long road, but you have kept me motivated over the months. I will always be grateful for the work you have done with me.'

T Brown