AXA PPP Healthcare

AXA PPP Healthcare

Telephone Number

0800 132 203


How To Claim

* Getting Authorisation For Treatment From AXA PPP Healthcare * AXA generally request that you see your GP or a specialist to obtain a physiotherapy referral. Once you have this referral, contact AXA and request to be treated at PhysioGo Physiotherapy Clinics. They will then issue with an authorisation number and tell you how many sessions you are covered for. * Making Your Appointment With PhysioGo * Once you have your authorisastion number, contact us via email using the form below or call us, so we can get you booked in with one of our therapists. We will require from you: -AXA authorisation number -AXA Policy number -Policy limitations (whether you have to pay an excess or not) We will make things easier for you by billing AXA directly, however if you are liable for any excess, sometimes AXA ask you to pay us that portion directly. Please note, any treatment not authorised or payable by AXA will need to be funded by yourself.