Sports massage is the hands on, manual mobilization of the soft tissues in the body. It can help to increase circulation, prevent soft tissue injuries, reduce pain and swelling and allow athletes or active individuals to recover quicker from bouts of exercise.

Sports massage can be helpful before sporting events or competitions to ensure that muscles, tendons and other soft tissues are best prepared for the event ahead. They can also help speed up recovery from intense exercise after the event, allowing quicker return to further training or competition.

Aside from active individuals, sports massage can help any individual who is experiencing stiff, tired muscles and joints.

PhysioGo is staffed by fully qualified, Chartered Physiotherapists who have extensive experience working in elite level sport and are very experienced in providing soft tissue massage.

With sports massage at PhysioGo, you are in control. If you want a deeper massage, simply tell us. Likewise, if you prefer the pressure a little more gentle, simply let us know.

Sports Massage in Preston

What To Expect From Your Sports Massage Session

Your initial sports massage session will involve a short series of questions to ensure that sports massage is safe and suitable for you. After this we get straight on with your treatment.

Suitable Clothing

Ladies: Please bring something suitable to enable us to access the area that you require treatment on. A good option is often a vest top/ sports bra and shorts.

Gents: Briefs, tight fitting boxers or shorts are in most cases suitable. We will probably ask you to remove your top, depending on the area to be treated.

Towels are available for modesty and comfort.


Sports massage can dehydrate your body. It is therefore advisable to drink lots of fluids before and after your session. A good guide would be 500ml before and 1L in the hours after your session. Try to avoid cola, caffeine and alcohol before and after your massage.

Oils and Waxes

At PhysioGo we use top quality, branded oils and waxes from brands such as Naqi and Tui. These products allow lubrication over the skin whilst also providing moisture to the skin.

If you think you may have an allergy to any of our products, please inform your therapist prior to your session. Also feel free to bring your own products, which we would be happy to use if appropriate.

What Sports Massage Can Help With

  • Preparation for sporting activities
  • Recovery from intense exercise
  • Increasing circulation and blood flow
  • Pain relief
  • Releasing tight/ constricted muscles