Brilliant Service

Brilliant service and knowledge of my problem. Very professional. Would recommend

Chris Fairclough

Niggling Back and Hip

Went to Dave with a niggling back and hip problem being unable to identify cause. After a thorough assessment in my first appointment Dave highlighted the cause and the need for exercises to remedy the problem. The exercises helped more or less straightaway proving accurate diagnosis. Follow up showed improvement but a need to do additional exercise to build up muscles. These are also serving to correct the problem. Very impressed and will have no hesitation in making recommendation to others.


Excellent Friendly Service

Excellent friendly service - would highly recommend to everyone. Wouldn't hesitate to return if needed!

Michael Cook

Pain in Right Hip

I was having quite a lot of pain in my right hip, usually after walking a good distance and doing various yoga poses, resulting in pain going down the back of my thigh, shin and then into my foot. David was recommended by a friend. He discussed my symptoms and gave me a thorough examination before diagnosing me with Trochanteric Bursitis. It was a relief to learn I didn't need a replacement hip! David gave me stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home. Within a short period of time, the pain was slowly getting better. I would certainly recommend David. He is friendly, down to earth and very professional and explains things extremely well. David is very honest and I never felt I was visiting unnecessarily. I will be recommending him to my family and friends.

Susan Dawson

After Suffering For Months

After suffering for months with a very painful foot and leg, i made contact with David for my first consultation, which surprised me how extensive it was. David quickly diagnosed the problem setting me set of exercises over the next 3 weeks. My second appointment followed on the same lines David checked that i was performing the exercises correctly and increasing the number i had to complete over the next 3 weeks, by the second week a I had a marked improvement at the next appointment David and i discussed my improvement and advised to carry on the the exercises and i would not need a further appointment. I now walk without any pain.

Mike Williams